about us

GreenLife Oasis is a full-service Business Development Consulting that specialize in employees empowerment, recruitment/human resources, agro services and entrepreneurship training and development and we achieve these through our highly experienced professionals. We provide leading-edge management strategy and HR infrastructure support. We relief you of managing your employees through human resource or staff outsourcing, grooming them to be productive and align them with the culture of the organization to achieve the set goals and objectives. We help to match talents with openings, train and manage them using technology and competent hands. At GreenLife Oasis, we meet clients business needs with high level of Professionalism, Integrity and Commitment.


GREENLIFE OASIS provide the best services and enhance organisation development. Numerous organisations partner with us and these services includes;

Agro Services

Our major responsibility is to provide services in agricultural operations ranging from land clearing, mechanical planting and weed control,sales and supply of agrochemicals, provision of improved seeds and seedlings to plant disease control. We believe that mechanized farming added to adequate professional support services will empower both commercial and peasant farmers with the opportunities to cultivate large expanse of land without drudgery and earn good returns on their investment through a tremendous increase in their crop yields. We have experienced researchers, consultants, agricultural engineers, economist and technicians. Services that would enhance food security and sufficiency for the teeming population of the country are also available.

Recruitment/Manpower Development

At GreenLife Oasis, we work in ensuring the engagement of the best talent for our diverse clients and we achieve this through psychological test and executive search. We are committed to providing complete, integrated human resource services to our clients across the african region. Since 2014, we have provided integrated human resource services in this sector, we’re prepared to maximize the productivity of your personnel over their entire employment lifecycle. In other words, with GreenLife Oasis, you’ll acquire, retain and develop the right people for your organization and for each position within your agency. We recruit Skilled and Unskilled employees such as Graduate Trainees, Marketing Executives, Office Assistant and customers service executives. We also engage in improving the quality of services rendered by those internalized into the work environment of our clients.

Entrepreneurship Training & Development

We recognize that a competent workforce underpins the success of any organization. We know how crucial it is for staff to possess the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform at optimal levels while developing their careers. Our strategy revolves around helping organizations improve employee performance through effective learning and development and achieving the goal of self dependence. Our training & development consultants view learning as components of a broad approach to competency management which impacts positively on your bottom-line. And because we recognize that training should be addressed within a cycle of continuous improvement, holistic approaches are adopted to encompass both current and future requirements with methodologies tailored to meet your organization’s needs. We are involved in specialized advisory services to Public and Private Sector clients in emerging markets around the globe. We are also committed to adapting innovative thinking for valuable service, adhering to quality protocols and enthusiasm towards business development both for the public and private Sector.